Hotel with rustic charm, surrounded by gardens and pine trees. On the first floor overlooking the entire complex, 10 meters from the restaurant and terrace bordering the central complex. The hotel's location is the quietest part of the resort, especially for people who want to relax in natural surroundings and next to our dining facilities.


Visiting Caroig feel the smell of nature, investigating the environment around you find out the peculiarities of his places of singular beauty, the aroma that lives in trees and shrubs, a pleasure sensations and emotions that conveys the environment.
All this located in the geographic center of Valencia, in the lung of the same. And the door to these places ... We welcome the Hotel Portal Caroig at the entrance to this area of ​​great natural value. Nature, food and relaxation to be discovered.

Wine Getaway

WINE AUTHOR: barbecue dinner, with tasting of our best meats from the grill (According to dietary requirements). Guided tour of the Iberian village of Alcusses them. Guided tour of the winery Fontanars-Moixent, which will be abreast of the latest technologies used in the signature wines of the area. Food, meal of the day (according to Scheme) Visit the "Bosquet", the flagship site of the municipality of interest both for its views as the artificial lake that collects water from the gullies in the area thanks to two months of history discovered

Argentine Menu

Creole salad
empanada Argentina
Gaucho Grill
Friday and Saturday calls Beef
With authentic Argentinean red wine variety Cabernet
Water and coffee included